Do more with LESS

If you are like me, you have probably wondered why hitherto in CSS, we have not been able to use variables, functions and other general programming good practices given its verbose nature. Most developers that write CSS are familiar with programming principles and wouldn’t it be great if these could be applied to CSS? Well, … Read more >>

PictureFill – A responsive images technique

If your web application takes more than 3 seconds to load, you will soon get a call from the the latency police to explain yourself. Users expect snappy applications otherwise they will move on to the next website with better user experience. For businesses, you can not overstate the importance of fast applications as this … Read more >>

Chrome Frame turbo charges Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer (IE) has a rather unfashionable habit of showing up to the CSS3 and HTML5 party late. Someone ought to tell Microsoft that their browser has caused many a heartache and angst amongst designers and developers who strive for equal user experience for all mankind irrespective of their browser of choice. Rant over! Let … Read more >>